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Are you tired of living af life as a slave to your salary?


Are you dreaming of building an online business that means that you can work whenever you want, whenever you want?


Do you want to start changing your life but don´t know where to begin?

My mission is to help you.


I´m not going to say it will be done over night or that you don´t have to put in work and run into obstacles you will have to overcome.


I´m saying that I want to help you all the way.

Hi, I´m Mona Christensen, I´m 46 years old, single mother and online entrepreneur and network marketing coach.   I have worked as a coach for 15 years, in network marketing for 12 years, and  been an online entrepreneur for 3 years.   My personal goal is to help 1,000 people to 100% financial freedom. Maybe you will be one of them?    

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Social Media training

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Attraction marketing

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